Beginner Marketer Resources

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Free Resources for the Beginner Internet Marketer

#1 QikBio!

Our free platform is an excellent starting point to share your collection of links, shorten URLs and market yourself!

#2 Free Blog Platforms

Wordpress is a reliable starting point for the beginning blogger. offers a free tier of service that allows for the creation of multi-page blogs or websites with a convenient management interface. A more advanced version is typically available via automatic installer through most paid web hosting providers.

Alternatives include squarespace, weebly, wix, which also offer free tiers, and shoppify is a paid platform that focuses primarily on online retailers. Shoppify is particularly known for their shopping cart functionality and integration with a variety of payment processors.

#3 Image and Graphic Editing

Canva is a quick and attractive way to create text rich graphic images for your site or for social media. It features a wide variety of premade and customizable templates as well as a flexible interface that allows the user to create their own using canva's library of stock photos, illustrated graphics, stickers, custom fonts and other features. available on app stores)

If you have access to a PC, GIMP offers an image editing suite similar to Photoshop but without as many advanced effects, is completely free, and enjoys a large user base and tutorials available around the internet including video tutorials on YouTube.

Updated on 12 March, 2023